Two weeks ago the bees in this hive were bringing in pollen.
It seems so long ago but it will only be a few weeks before we are here again.

Foundation Wax waiting to be fitted in the hives once the bees start work. Clean wax = Healthier and bigger bees.
  I know the queen is in there somewhere......

Urban beekeeping in action. The street is on the other side of the wall and passersby are none the wiser.

Roof top beekeeping on a sunny summer's                                                         day

Can you spot the potential problem? Yes there is more than one egg in some of the cells. It could be laying workers but the eggs are all in the bottom of their cells. It is in fact a new queen bee just getting her act together so nothing really to worry about.

Presenting at the Chelsea Flower Show on the British Bee Keepers Association Stand

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