'Basic Beekeeping' Course

This course will cover the essentials to get you started with beekeeping including both the theory and practical hands on experience. 

We have been running these courses for a number of years and many of our trainees (now successful and happy beekeepers) have come to us by word of mouth and referral from those who attended previous courses. We pride ourselves in providing ongoing support to our trainees once the course has concluded. We realised very early in our training that whilst the courses provide all you need to know to set up and operate as a beekeeper it is important that, should you have any questions or queries, you are be able to contact us for help and assistance no matter how long ago your training with us.

We also realised that it was important to be able to deliver training that responded to the individuals who come to us to learn. To that end we aim to keep our courses to a maximum of eight trainees at a time, small enough to ensure everyone gets the attention that they need whilst large enough to ensure a range of experiences which helps deliver a wider and deeper understanding of the craft of beekeeping.

The aim is that, subject to the weather conditions, each training session includes time in the hives so that everyone gets the opportunity to experience for themselves live, working bees. In addition to building confidence, it provides the opportunity to see how the colony builds and develops over time. Normally by the end of each course the trainees are able to identify worker bees and the drone bees as well as finding the queen bee. They also identify eggs, larvae, sealed brood and the stores progressing from nectar to honey. 

The course aims to produce confident and competent beekeepers.

New Courses

Our Next course will run on 30th March and 6th, 13th and 27th April 2019.

If you would like to be alerted when course information comes out or to be added to our waiting list please contact us at our e-mail address and as soon as the courses are released we will let you know.


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