Welcome to Pure Honeycomb.

 Beekeeping is a fascinating interest which can fit both urban rural lifestyles. 

Here you can find all you need to know about our beekeeping courses in North East England as well as the talks and demonstrations available. 

Bees are vital for pollination in gardens and on farms throughout the world.

'There is no other way to keep livestock, take a crop from miles of land you don't need to own, watch the seasons turn in the colour of the pollen and the taste of the honey, and form a happy relationship with tens of thousands of wild animals, all contained in a wooden box.' Ian Douglas 

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Getting British Business Online
The British Beekeepers' Association has an Adopt a Beehive Campaign, which Pure Honeycomb supports. 
Please check out http://www.britishbee.org.uk/bbka_overview.php for more information.
Pure Honeycomb's Ian Wallace is the Adopt a Beehive keeper in the North-East.